People in the Lab

Current Graduate Students in the Pfister & Wootton Labs

Mark Bitter Natural fluctuations in ocean pH and its consequences for marine species
Natalia Ershova Thinking about …. host-parasite interactions in marine systems
John Park Species life histories in variable environments
Katherine Silliman Population structure and adaptation in the Olympia oyster
Brooke Weigel Kelp microbiomes and their functional consequences

Students Affiliated with the Lab

Nanxi Bian PhD! student, Department of Geophysical Sciences, The California mussel as an indicator of environmental change
Yaiyr Astudillo-Scalia PREP Program, Marine mammal response to climate change,Now at a PhD program at Arizona State University

Previous Graduate Students

Julie Collens Dispersal and its ecological implications in kelp
Erin Grey The role of invasive ascidians in coastal marine habitats
Amy Henry The persistence of seagrass and sand dollar communities
Sara Jackrel Terrestrial and stream connections in riparian zones of the Pacific Northwest
Kristen Jenkins Current and Past Ecological Communities and their Inferences for Global Change.
Aaron Kandur Determinants of range limits in the California Mussel, Mytilus californianus
Simon Lax The Microbial Ecology of the Built Environment
Sophie McCoy The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Ecology of Crustose Coralline Red Algae
Orissa Moulton The interactions between algae and microbes and implications for nitrogen cycling
Lis Nelis Synergistic effects of invasions in island grassland habitats
Mark Novak The role of omnivory in marine food webs
Karl Polivka The Foraging Ecology of Stream Fishes
Ole Shelton The demography, persistence, and community importance of seagrasses in the genus Phyllospadix
Courtney Stepien Evolutionary history and carbon use patterns in rocky intertidal algal communities
Will Tyburczy Discordant temporal scales and predator-prey interactions

Link to Tim Wootton’s lab

Sophie McCoy graduates
Sophie McCoy (right) graduates, March 2014



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