For Graduate and Undergraduate Students

For interested Graduate Students:

Our lab trains PhD students who are interested in independent ecological research. With the resources available to us at the University of Chicago our students have used a diversity of methods in their work, including mathematical models, genetics, and biogeochemistry. My lab is joint with  Dr. Tim Wootton, in Ecology and Evolution, and our graduate students work closely together.

Check out links to the Department of Ecology and Evolution and the Committee on Evolutionary Biology.

Marine Sciences thrive here at the University of Chicago. There is a diverse group of faculty across multiple departments whose work is related to the ecology of the oceans. Additionally, the University of Chicago has a new affiliation with the Marine Biological Lab at Woods Hole, MA.  Read more about the University of Chicago/MBL partnership here. The new Microbiome Center facilitates student research across disciplines.

Graduate training is facilitated via funding from the Department of Education GAANN funding in Quantitative Ecology.

For Undergraduate students at the University of Chicago:

I am the Adviser for the Ecology & Evolution Specialization. Please read about the program here and also check out the course catalog for requirements. Look at the “Rogue’s Gallery” of Students that earned a BS and did original research.  Also check out the Quantitative Courses that you can use to fulfill your course requirement. Finally, pay close attention to the Timeline for getting a BS Thesis turned in.

If you are interested in graduating with Honors in the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division and you are a second or third year student, read the requirements for the Honors program.

There are great opportunities at the Marine Biological Lab at Woods Hole. Check out the Semester in Environmental Sciences, consider applying for a Metcalf Fellowship, or take a summer course at the MBL.

As a celebration of the 2014 International Women’s Day, have a look at the female editors highlighted by The Royal Society, Proceedings B: