Research in our lab . . .

My research in ecology has focused on the dynamics of species in marine systems and the role they play at ecosystems scales. Two recurring themes in my research are the implications of species interactions for community and ecosystem dynamics, and the contribution of climate change to species dynamics. My interests can be broadly grouped into four areas: (1) the interplay between species and productivity in coastal marine ecosystems, (2) the implications of ocean acidification in coastal marine ecosystems, (3) identifying the causes and consequences of variability in marine populations and (4) understanding the relative impacts of genetic and demographic factors to extinction risk

My approach to the above topics is pluralistic. I have used both laboratory and field experiments, with the overall goal of testing ecological theory. The questions I ask range from individual consequences to ecosystem responses. I maintain a strong interest and active research program into the contribution of basic ecology to marine resource conservation. I expect students in my lab to be facile in both empirical and theoretical approaches to ecology and evolution.

A favored spot for us to ask these questions has been the outer coast of Washington state and the areas within the Strait of Juan de Fuca. These are areas of high species diversity and high productivity.  In particular, Tatoosh Island Washington has served as a locale for great insight and long-term studies of species and seawater chemistry. Through studies on Tatoosh, in offshore waters, and other locales in coastal Washington, we are understanding the nature of interactions among diverse taxa. Go to the Research link to learn more about the projects my lab (and Dr. Tim Wootton‘s lab ) have ongoing on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. Also visit the Graduate student link to see what students in the lab are doing.

Tatoosh Island, Washington as portrayed in cake. Courtesy of A. Henry, S. McCoy, C. Stepien, S. Jackrel, G. Siegmund, O. Moulton, N. Bitler, W. Tyburczy
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